A moving theatrical background dissolving in powerful, dynamic abstract paintings. Canvas and paint instead of Dancers and stage.  

We can clearly see that movement is her drive and source of inspiration. She definitely found a new way of choreography. An attempt to capture time or to simply give time another dimension.

The work of Ilona Hendriks show fragments of her live, the world and the people around her. Brought alive with lots of expression, colour and passion. Many layers, flows of paint and thick structures are a clear signature. 

In her series “woman power” Ilona uses a method of painting in which abstraction and figurative images combine and reinforce each other’s effect. 

 Quote :

” With my work, I wish to distract people from the ever-increasing busy world. 

My flower series are characterized by the use of thick structured paint for a solid underground, topped with gentle flowers which represent my aspiration for colors and nature as universal unifying symbols of prosperity and hope.

The undergrounds are an expression of my thoughts on canvas; the splashes & flows of paint and the use of different materials are based on my emotions of the moment…PAINT HAPPENS;  “Wherever we have spoken openly we have (actually) said nothing. But where we have written something in code and in pictures we have concealed the truth.”

Ilona also works in commission.