A moving theatrical background dissolving in powerful, dynamic abstract paintings. 


                      She definitely found a new way of choreographing with canvas and paint instead of dancers and stage. 


                       With a 30 year career as professional dancer, choreographer and creative director in the Theatre and Event business


                       Ilona decided in 2001 to explore new ways of expressing herself.




                                                        To widen her horizon she studied paint at the academy in Belgium and furthermore learned by doing.


                                                         In her series “woman power” Ilona uses a method of painting in which abstraction and figurative images combine 


                                                         and reinforce each other’s effect.                 




                                                        “ Paint happens ”; 


                   “ Wherever we have spoken openly we have (actually) said nothing. But where we have written something in


                      code and in pictures we have concealed the truth.”








                    Ilona also works in commission.